Our programme has been designed to enable schools access to high quality planning and resources.  They have been carefully designed and trialled in various size schools to ensure that school leaders can be assured that the teaching of reading is both excellent and consistent.  

The cost of joining our Fishing for Phonics network per year is:

Small School (less than 100 pupils) £200

Medium School (101 – 300 pupils) £500

Large School (300+ pupils) £800

What is included?

  • An electronic version of the handbook
  • Yearly overviews for years Reception, 1 and 2
  • Detailed daily ready-to-teach lesson plans for phonics in years Reception, 1 and 2
  • Weekly lesson plans for reading in years Reception and year 1
  • Handwriting scheme for Years Reception 1 and 2 linked to the phonemes being learnt
  • Licence to use the Fishing for Phonics mnemonics (phrases and actions) for all gpcs throughout the programme
  • Videos and written guidance to support the application of phonics, reading, writing, handwriting, and vocabulary, all of which support reading for pleasure.
  • Assessment for learning mapped into each teaching sequence
  • Materials for assessment 
  1. an assessment sheet to be used at the end of each half term
  2. easy to use targeted gap analysis sheet for daily use to identify children who need to keep up or catch up
  3. guidance for supporting children to ‘Keep Up’ 
  4. planning for daily  ‘Catch up’ sessions to aid the lowest 20% reach age-related expectations
  • Support for Parents (available from September 2023)
  • On-line whole school training and specific training for Phonics Leads
  • ‘How to’ videos modelling each part of the phonics lessons, reading, handwriting and catch-up sessions.